Jacmel Historic Centre

In April 2012, I proposed a scheme for the Plaza of Jacmel in which an elevated platform, accessible  by a set of narrow scaffolding stairs, would allow views of the historic district. Partly inspired by New York City’s High-Line, this design gesture was triggered by the magnificent views of the historic district and bay of Jacmel one could obtain by climbing to the roof-top of Hôtel de La Place (former Pension Kraft). In this design, the platform proposed would reach the same level of Hôtel de La Place’s rooftop and provide the same views I was lucky to experience during my first research trip in November 2011.

This gallery contains 10 photos.

I produced maps of Jacmel by gathering information provided by the National Historic Preservation Society (ISPAN). In 2007, ISPAN organized a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism to decide on touristic routes for the city. This meeting actually took place in the Manoir Alexandra. Please click on each image for a bigger size of the …

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From Haiti-Libre:

Upon the initiative of First Lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva, of the UNESCO Good-Will Ambassador Mehriban Aliyeva, Azerbaijan will assign $50,000 to the efforts to restore cultural facilities of the city of Jacmel.

The project is to start this December and last six months.

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