Thomas, appointed in January and the third official to hold his post in less than a year, has a different attitude. “We waited too long,” he admitted during a recent site visit, surrounded by heavy security. “Many of the people have lived here a long time and, we know, have no way out. We can’t punish them by kicking them out because we did not react before now.”


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Inspired by the Manoir Alexandra in Jacmel, René Dépestre wrote “Hadriana in All my Dreams”, a book that has enthralled me and pushed me to focus my studies on the old mansion. This book has also inspired a beauty competition among young ladies in various high schools in Jacmel called “Miss Hadriana.

To celebrate the anniversary of my visit to Jacmel with Andreas, a friend from the film department at RISD, I am so happy to focus on all the images we recorded together. During our visit to Jacmel in March 2012, we spent a week filming each and every second in this wonderful city. Now that I have graduated from RISD and decided to take my first steps in the architectural field in Haiti, it is only proper to carry on with the studies that have inspired me to explore the possibilities of film, architecture and storytelling.

Sparks in our interviewees’ eyes as they recalled various cultural experiences in Jacmel have been filling my past evenings with joy. While I note all those special moments, it is with much enthusiasm that I anticipate the production of a “spatial narrative” that will carry one through the colorful streets of Jacmel, rightfully known as Haiti’s cultural capital.

<p><a href=”″>Jacmel Procession</a> from <a href=””>Andreas Nicholas</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>